Family photographer Long Island

I am Ella Yezina a professional photographer from Russia, inviting you and your family to have your own unforgettable personal photo session. I’m in Long Island now, it’s easy to contact «photographer near me». I capture every moment with my artistic vision.

The life of each of us consists of billions moments that are irretrievably gone. To catch these moments, to fix them for you for a long memory is my vocation.

The photo gives you the opportunity to experience again the happy and unique moments of your life. Everything is said in the famous Russian song: “To make it all happen again, look at the family album. To remember what we were like, save the family album “.

Many children like to view old, yellowed photos. Surprised that their parents were once cute babies, sat in the arms of such young grandparents, played with unusual toys. But if there were no these photos, they could not touch the past of their family, feel the connection of times. Family photography is a real connection between generations.

Family photography is something special

It keeps people's feelings, their emotions, mood, and a special atmosphere of family happiness. The family album contains the history of the family and whole generations. Creating a family album, we are writing a unique story of a bloodline, which we must preserve for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Family photography gives a sense of wholeness to your family. Knowledge of their pedigree is very important for children, for the formation of traits of their character and values. In addition, family photos will warm the hearts of your matured children when they plunge into adult independent life and your family photographer from Long Island is ready to create them for you.

Family album is a great tradition that leads to the strengthening of the family. Picking up photographs of past years, we remember our youth, the days filled with happiness and the thrill of love. We again and again live those moments and strengthen feelings in our hearts, strengthen the bond between generations. Family photography is our family tree, and a good family album is a real treasure.

Nowadays, family photography is needed more than ever. Large, decorated in the form of a picture in a beautiful frame and hanging in on the wall of the native home. And it should be changed with the changes in the family. Such a photo will not leave anyone indifferent, it charges with positive emotions, gives happiness.

Photos of our children - a special joy

First of all, these are parents’ memories about the most precious moments in their lives. The very first photo of the child, the first smile, the first laugh ... The first uncertain steps, sweet embraces with loved ones, first friends and holidays. Starting school and first achievements and victories. All this is so dear to the heart of parents, incomparable to anything else in life.

Children themselves with undisguised joy and curiosity study their photos. No one remembers himself, his appearance in childhood. And only a photo is capable of capturing our image, our emotions of those days gone by our childhood.

Portrait is another type of photographic art

An art portrait can cause deep emotions in a person. The portrait came from painting and borrowed many of its artistic techniques. My photographs portraits convey not only the facial features of a person, but the mood, emotions, inner world and environment at the same time.

As a good artist-photographer, I am a bit of a psychologist and I can notice and reflect on one single frame the typical traits of a person’s character, the details are not only physical, but also spiritual.

Shooting in nature, on the beach - this is an additional pleasure. The beauty of nature, the opportunity to find a variety of interesting locations for one photo shoot. In addition, nature photography is very comfortable. You can just walk and chat and I will take photos in the process of communication.

Everything happens completely informally

You will enjoy this exciting event. And I will help you feel comfortable throughout the entire photoset. I can feel the image, catch the best moments. In addition to my artistic talent, my cheerful and light character will help you to feel at ease. I will find an approach to any person, regardless of age and character traits. Together we will create great photos of your family, children, professional portraits, we can take pictures on the beach and save your history for you.

Professional photographer near me - Ella Yezina

I will hold a photo session for you both in Long Island and in New York.

Our photo session will turn into a holiday that you will remember with great pleasure. Pictures from the family album will return our children at a time when they were certainly happy, and give them the strength to go on. For parents, family photography will become a story about the love and beauty of happy loved ones, about growing up children, about bright moments spent together.
As a result of our work, you will receive an artistic product that will delight you and your family for many years. You will love to open it and dip into the memories, experience and feel them again and again.

Your family photographer in Long Island is waiting you.